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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 7, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ore on car insurance. you did this you need to come forward. >> a plea from police and family tonight. they want to find a driver who ran into a high school football player and then took off. kyle pszenny was riding his skateboard when he was hit in pennsville early this morning. monique braxton is live at the hospital where the teen is being treated for serious injuries. >> reporter: that's right. kyle pszenny is here in icu, surrounded by his family and fighting for his life. earlier today, we went to the crash scene in pennsville and found one of the first people on the scene. >> kyle went through a three to four hour surgery this morning
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for swelling on the brain. i believe he has a broken neck, shall vertebrae in his neck are broken. he has leg injuries. >> reporter: pennsville police chief says 17-year-old kyle pszenny, a high school football standout, is in critical condition. at the scene we found markings showing where the accident happened, where police found his keys his hat, and his skateboard. police say pszenny was skateboarding home there his girl frndfriend's house just before 2:00 this morning. >> how far was he thrown? >> i'm going to guess matt between 200 and 300 foot. >> reporter: the speed limit is 50 miles per hour along this rural stretch of road near lee avenue. investigators believe pszenny was hit from behind. we spoke with a witness who asked that we not the show his face. >> do you think the person knew they hit a person? >> i would definitely think so because it's lit up all over there. as soon as they hit him, they're right back on the gas and gp.
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>> reporter: investigators believe a 2,000 to 2006 hyundai elantra his pszenny. >> there was a motor that came from a window washer inside the car. we turned the motor over there was a serial number. >> reporter: at a local basketball dourtcourt, we found drew who plays football with kyle. >> he's a tough kid. that's just how he is. >> fierce on the football field? >> yeah fierce a competitor. >> reporter: now, the police chief tells us they are following several leads. they also say if you see a hundred dayelantra with a banged up front end, you're urged to call them. pennsville memorial is keeping people updated through its facebook page. this afternoon they wrote please keep kyle and his family in your thoughts during this very critical time.
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the family understands and appreciates everyone's concern for kyle and is extremely thankful that there has been such an outpouring of support. well, police in philadelphia are also investigating a hit and run in the strawberry mansion neighborhood. a 21-year-old man is in critical but stable condition after he was hit by a car while walking on ridge avenue mere near 31st street. police are still looking for the driver. now your first alert forecast. it was a great day for fans at citizens bank park. they enjoyed a phillies win and some great baseball weather. and the wagner family also took advantage of today's weather by hitting the baseball field in montgomery county. nbc 15 first alert meteorologist michelle grossmann is here. we need to enjoy this weather while we can. >> good advice. yeah beautiful today. great end to the weekend, but things really do change tomorrow. we'll see some storms tomorrow also tuesday, and then 90s come
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back to the forecast. so right now temperatures still pleasant. 75 in philadelphia, 72 lancaster. 60s along the coast. low humidity, we get sunshine, beautiful end to the weekend. we are seeing a southerly flow bringing in a breeze anywhere from 5 to 15 miles per hour even a 17 miles per hour wind up in dover. we'll keep that breeze tonight and also through your monday. so by 7:00 we'll see mild conditions 72 really beautiful if you're dining outdoors. by 9:00 68. we'll see temperatures drop slowly tonight. then by 11:00, partly cloudy skies, 65. so comfortable night. and then big time changes on monday. showers and storms. some could be on the strong side. we'll talk more about that coming up. police in new jersey are investigating two deadly shootings. a man was shot and killed in the backyard of a home on placid lane. police say there was a party happening there at the time. they have made no arrests.
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police in trenton are also looking for the person behind a deadly shooting. officers were on patrol around 2:15 this morning when they heard gunshots. they later found the victim near st. joe's avenue, he's been identified a as 24-year-old ronnie livingston. a 5-year-old girl is no longer in critical condition after falling from an apartment window in allentown. she's now table at lehigh valley hospital. she and her 3-year-old sister fell from an apartment window friday night. tamara was killed. the coroner has ruled her death an accident. police say the window screen was defective and they don't expect to file any charges. into people being atwo people accused of human trafficking are headed to police oop. van howell and chris take burton are were sentenced to five years behind bars. prosecutors in camden county accused of pair of forcing a
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woman to become a sex slave. they were arrested during a sting operation last year. a tradition on wheels rolled its way through philadelphia today. the international cycling classic kicked off this morning at the top of the maniock wall. jesse gary was there. >> reporter: each spring speed and endurance dominates. >> you have to see it in person. >> reporter: the annual cycling classic lures thousands of spectators and dozens of participants. >> great to see everyone come out. i think it had a great turnout. >> reporter: the race to the finish culminates with a climb of the infamous wall. it's actually a hill average angle of elevation, 17 degrees. the riders are going about 20 miles per hour. >> it was pretty tough to walk it, so i can't imagine riding it. >> i've seen a lot of people come up the hill and three people passed out already. >> reporter: pros and amateurs
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say riding success against the wall is based on speed and rhythm. >> you have to keep the pace and make sure your cadence is up. >> reporter: competitors ride nine, while women cop pete sixet complete six. the warm temperatures and scarce shade created a approach opportunity for these two entrepreneurs. >> people get tired, they got hot and sweaty. >> reporter: they also get a lot of enjoyment from watching a staple of philadelphia as it whizzes by. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit century solutions. we want to hear from local nonprofits that have come up with new programs. the winners will receive grant money. the groups have until july 3 to apply. you can find out more information on our website,
6:08 pm next on nbc 10 news killers on the loose. what police in new york are doing to find two missing prisoners and new details on how they pulled off their escape. plus life altering makeovers. how a local salon gave this group of deserving kids a day of beauty.
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a free day of beauty for some deserving young women and girls. for several years the salon has been offering free makeovers for patients of children hospital living with facial deformities. this is the first time cameras were invited inside. >> i just really like getting all made up. it's fun. >> it's so special to see all the kids and the joy on their
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face and just the happiness from the parents. just a great thing to see. >> about 27 girls between the ages of 5 and 18 got their mails, hair and makeup done approximately. we loved today. such a beautiful day, lots of sunshine, low humidity. but things are changing. we're tracking showers and storms and also some 90s in your 7 day. mmmmmm yoplait! ♪
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there is now a $100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of two murderers. richard matt and david sweat escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. police have set up check points as they search. authorities believe the pair spent several days pulling off their escape. they have also tried to figure out how the men got power tools that they used on cut through steel locks and a brick wall. less than 24 hours after winning the triple crown, american pharoah has returned home. the 3-year-old komt wascolt was treated to a bath this afternoon. his owners say he will also get much needed rest before any future races. the owners have not said which race that could be, but they hope to keep american far rowpharoah in training shape until the end of the year. some athletes may be in the league of their own.
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palmer football field is where the far northeast raiders hosted an annual football and cheer leading clinic. the event was free and open to kids of all ages from 7 to 14. these young athletes spent the day training with some of the best coaches and players from local high schools and colleges in our area. an italian car exhibit, and dancing, bocci court made up the italian heritage festival. nbc 10 on north providence road for the festivities. the event was free and open to the public. what a great day for it. >> couldn't ask for better weather. over the next couple of hours, things will go down hill this week. so a beautiful end to the weekend, but we're tracking storms and also showers on your monday. later on monday. tuesday, another chance for some showers, also.
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some thunderstorms. and then we're tracking '90s this week. because we have a stretch of really comfortable weather and that will change by the end of this week. taking a look outdoors 75 degrees in philadelphia a little breezy outside, winds at 13 miles per hour. a mild breeze so no complaints. to the north and west, temperatures mainly in the hid 70s, 76 in allentown. look at mount pocono, 68. 72 lancaster, 75 philadelphia. same story as we fly down to the south and east, 68 in dover, 60s along the coast. and we're coming in at 74 in glass borough. temperatures below normal for this time of year. typically we're around 80. so live look outside, looking beautiful tonight. get out and enjoy it, we have about two more hours of sun line ice cream, whatever you need to do to enjoy the weather. right now nothing showing up on radar. but as we go throughout the morning hours, you can see by 7:00, getting us back to school and work, we do have the clouds building in especially to the
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north and west. we may see a few showers in the poconos. that would be about it in the morning hours. things begin to change by the afternoon. we have a warm front that will bring us showers and thunderstorms. some could be on the gusty side especially to the north and west. so the time stamp at 4:00, those showers and storms off to the north and west. getting close her to the city by 6:00, 7:00 at night. so impacting the monday evening k3450u9 and again some could produce pretty heavy down pours. and closer to the shower by 10:00, even midnight. overnight showers, we still have a chance for seeing the storms and that threat stays with us on tuesday. but notice what happens on tuesday. plenty of cloud cover in place, little peeks of sunshine but by 2:00, we're seeing scattered stuff across the area. not so much the line that moves through tomorrow. so tuesday still keeping showers and thunderstorms in the forecast with potential some heavy downpours. but it will be more scattered in nature before that sunshine comes back on wednesday. tonight partly cloudy and comfortable, enjoy it. 61 in philadelphia.
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temperatures dropping into the upper 50s. so cooler to the north and west but these temperatures will drop pretty slowly as we go throughout the overnight hours. then by tomorrow temperatures right around 85 degrees this will philadelphia. those showers and storms especially in the afternoon and evening hours, winds out of the south. so a little breezy. "7-day forecast," by tuesday, partly cloudy skies. scattered storms. still warm 85. 87 on wednesday. we start to bring back the humidity and look at thursday's temperature, mostly sunny, 91. a little humid, as well. same story on friday, saturday a front slides through could bring us a chance for storms. 89. sunday mostly sunny, a high of 85. coming up in sports what to expect from sam bradford in year one. plus the celebration of american pharaoh's triple crown is just getting started. phillies future looking right thanks to one man.
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the phillies finished up a nine game home stand today, but hope to avoid the sweep at the hands of the giants. we pick it up in the third. herera living the hard knock life. deep and gone. ties it up at three. in the sevenths this one hit deep to left. warning track, the wall. squeezes it as he crashes into the wall. game remains tied. bottom of the seventh the pinch
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hitter coming through again. a rough slide. and then in the eighth franco red hot. fourth thisin his last six, fills win it 6-4 and avoid the sweep. >> he's a great player. you see him gain confidence more and more every day. i saw in spring training how hard he was trying. and now he's figuring some stuff out. and he's good for phillies fan for a long time. >> the team announced they sent gonzalez back to the miners. let's turn to pigskin now. eagles back to work and continue organized team activities tomorrow. sam bradford settling in as the new quarterback in up to, buttown but isn't 100% healthy yet.
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he spent his rookie year under pat shurmur who is excited to be reunited with the significanceal caller. >> we won seven games where we didn't win that many before. and i can't really speak after that first year because then i was no longer there. but -- so that's sort of the things that i talked about when the deal was getting done. >> nascar pocono raceway today, dale earnhardt jr. had won the last two they tricky trying angel.xious try anxious triangle. the jersey shore's own martin truex jr. in command for most of the day. no cars around him as he takes the checkered flag. snapped a 69 race winless streak. a few burnouts to celebrate. finally to the victor go the spoils. after riding american pharoah to the triple crown, victor espinoza just beginning the
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victory lap. he threw out the first pitch sporting number three for the bronx bombers. how is that for a warm welcome. prior to today's game he got to think there is plenty more to come for the jockey. first triple crown winner in 37 years. he is only 5'2" by the way. that's it for sports. back to you. >> danny, thank you. time to check in with peter alexander for a look at what is coming up on "nightly news." >> good evening. pretty good pitch there. coming up tonight, the massive manhunt under way after two convicted killers tunnel their way out of a maximum security prison. plus dennis hastert's former students, what they say about the allegations of sexual abuse. always what will do you as a parent if your child's potentially life changing drug was illegal? a look at one family's emotional fight. and a pilgrimage to see a
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spectacular light show put on by mother that. we will take you through when we see you for "nightly news." for now back to you. >> peter, he see you soon. thanks.
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we'll get a mixed bag of weather coming up. >> beautiful today. tonight go get ice cream. and then tomorrow, yeah showers and storms that come into the forecast. so here is a look at your 7 day. shower ss and storms tomorrow. we'll have wind lightning, thunder and her heavy down pours. scattered storms tuesday. thursday, friday, temperatures near 90. >> thanks. for all of us here we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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prison break, the growing man hunt after two convicted killers tunnel their way out of a maximum security prison. how they pulled off the escape. speaking out, dennis hastert's former students come out and what they say. a family's fight to bring a potentially live saving drug to their sick child. the emotional battle ore marijuanaings. and nature's light show. why thousands are flocking to see this display. nightly news begins now. good evening. tonight the man hunt


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